RINArmenia reveals its advances at the RINA conference in Paris

On 25 February 2020, the RINArmenia project team presented its progress at a conference on RINA – Recursive InterNetwork Architecture, entitled “RINA – A new architecture for a new internet“, at the Maison des élèves des Mines et des Ponts in Paris.

The conference was introduced by two Internet pioneers, Louis Pouzin and John Day, who is also the designer of RINA. They presented the new internet architecture, RINA, its principles and advantages.

Philippe Poux, the founder of RINArmenia, then presented the history of the project, whose main objective is to make Armenia the first center of excellence in RINA.

RINArmenia’s Chief Technology Officer, Annie Voskanian, presented the first actions undertaken in Armenia, as well as the future strategy, aimed at creating a development cycle combining training, research and development and deployment.

General Watin-Augouard concluded the conference with a remarkable perspective on the issues at stake.

This conference was organised on the occasion of another conference on 24 February, ICIN – “Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks”, bringing together in particular all the researchers working on RINA, where Annie Voskanian also presented the work and future objectives of RINArmenia.

Armenia is now the pioneer country on this new Internet architecture and will soon offer training to engineers from all over the world in order to deploy it.

RINA is the alternative to the existing TCP/IP model that was designed in the 70’s when no one imagined what it would look like 50 years later. The objective of RINA is to make any connected object communicate with more simplicity and security than it does today. 

About Louis Pouzin /French computer engineer, he invented the datagram and contributed to the development of packet-switched networks, precursors of the Internet. His work was used by Vint Cerf for the development of the Internet and the TCP/IP protocol. Louis Pouzin has received numerous awards, including the first Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering in 2013 and the Global IT Award in Yerevan in 2016.  

About John Day / American computer engineer, he has been involved in the development of the Internet communications protocols and its predecessor ARPANET since the 1970s. He is the author of “Patterns in Network Architecture: A Return to Fundamentals”, published in 2008, which gave birth to RINA.