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RINArmenia REENActing Internet Excellency​

RINArmenia, e-Hayt Research Foundation initiative, is the first project in the world to attempt a systemic deployment of the new network architecture – RINA.  

The goal is to position Armenia as the center on a global scene of RINA-based expertise, knowledge diffusion, testing, and cross-sector practical adoption. 

We conduct courses in universities and academic institutions so as to introduce the main aspects of RINA. Starting with the concept of network architecture, carrying on with the epistemological analysis of the failures of TCP/IP and OSI models, we then guide students in the process of constructing a better network architecture – RINA, which would provide the necessary foundation for this century’s applications. 

The academic process is our way of expanding our project in Armenia and preparing future experts. Participants demonstrating best results throughout the course are eligible for potential recruitment or internship within our engineering team to assist us in our R&D activities.

We establish RINA research labs within universities integrating IT faculties, as well as within private-sector institutions, primarily targeting IT companies specialized in emerging technologies (particularly IoT and 5G) and telecommunications companies. 

These research labs serve to develop solutions based on RINA that would answer predetermined company needs.

RINA, which has been under development for the past 10 years, has reached a significant theoretic stage, which now opens opportunities for practical testing and development.

Today, by building on the basis defined by the international experts in RINA, our team seeks to find the appropriate use cases in the private and public sectors in Armenia, so as to ensure eventually RINA’s deployment in real environments. Our goal is to prove that RINA is not only an advanced network architecture, but more importantly, an imperative solution to emerging technologies (5G, IoT…) as well as modern network usages (cloud, data centers…).


Recursive InterNetwork Architecture
RINA is a new computer network architecture, that solves current Internet issues and answers to the requirements of emerging applications and networks.

Internet: In the IoT sector alone, 14.6 billion devices will be connected by 2022. How will I connect so many devices?

RINA: My structure scales indefinitely. With me, there won’t be any router table size explosion.

Internet: How do I cope with VPN, SDN, NFV, microservices, cloud, IoT…?

RINA: From my back-to-basics approach, I resulted in a common structure with a single recursive layer. VPN is part of my architecture (no tunnels needed). And I naturally support SDN and NFV.

Internet: How can I protect individuals, companies or States from cyber attacks?

RINA: My architecture is inherently secure. Firewalls, session border controllers and intrusion systems are not needed. 

Internet: How can I answer today’s ever-changing and ever-growing technological needs (Internet video, VR/AR…)?

RINA: I provide far lower routing overheads.

Internet: If a doctor does a telesurgery, how can I guarantee him that the guy next door watching Netflix won’t damage his connectivity?

RINA: You can implement QoS mechanisms within my architecture, not just ‘best effort’.

Companies: How can we reduce the costs?

RINA: With me, only the minimal ‘necessary and sufficient’ amount of functionality is needed.
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