RINArmenia gives first taste of Internet of tomorrow to UFAR

Tech students from across universities in Armenia came together at the French University in Armenia (UFAR) on November 20 to hear Santiago Chabkinian, Chief Innovation Officer of RINArmenia, deliver the first of a series of lectures on the internet of tomorrow.

A joint initiative of E-Hayt Research Foundation, UFAR, the Internet Society and the Internet Society Armenia Chapter, Meet RINA was RINArmenia’s first academic endeavor designed to raise awareness about the company’s flagship project – RINA, and groom future experts in the new computer network architecture, explains Hayk Mnatsakanyan, executive director of RINArmenia. “The end goal is to make Armenia the first country to develop and deploy the internet of the future,” says Mnatsakanyan.

RINA – Recursive InterNetwork Architecture – is a new  computer network architecture destined to supersede the regular TCP/IP model that structures the internet today. Developed by the European and U.S. tech experts of Pouzin Society, RINA promises to improve data addressing, security, quality of service, and network management “without necessarily bringing down the whole of TCP/IP – a money-saver guaranteed to attract investors,” says Chabkinian of RINArmenia.

Part two of Meet RINA was inaugurated with the signing of a partnership agreement between RINArmenia and UFAR, which the university’s rector Jean-Marc Lavest described as “an important step toward establishing a solid and lasting relation with a highly-promising startup.” The agreement is the first stepping stone in RINArmenia’s long-term objective of seeing its lectures become a full-blown course with state accreditation.

The next RINArmenia lecture is scheduled for January 15-18, 2020.

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