The future of Internet launched in Armenia

At the closing of the Economic Forum of the Francophonie Summit, Louis Pouzin, one of the founding fathers of the Internet, Philippe Poux, and Hayk Mnatsakanyan announced the launch of RINArmenia, initiated by e-Hayt Research Foundation.

RINA, which stands for Recursive Inter Network Architecture, is a 10+ year global scientific research project by the same masterminds who founded the internet 50 years ago. 

RINA’s objective is to facilitate the communication between connected devices with greater simplicity and security than at present. Today’s Internet is based on the TCP/IP protocol suite that was developed in the 1970s and which fundamentals don’t fully respond to today’s requirements.

RINArmenia will be the first systemic country-wide endeavour of the new network architecture, by establishing Armenia as a global centre of RINA-expertise through distributed knowledge and applications development. 

RINArmenia is the challenge that e-Hayt’s young team publicly committed to during the closing ceremony of the XVII Summit of the Francophonie.